DivX Converter 6.5 Beta

Converting your videos into DivX video can be done in one easy step. Simply drag your videos onto the DivX Converter and click "convert." That's it - you're done. That may sound more like two steps, but it's really one full step and one "baby step." The point is, it's really, really easy to create a DivX video.

Now that  DivX Author has launched, its all the rage. Well, the Converter team, not wanting to miss out on a good thing, also integrated menu creation into their product, following Converter's philosophy of "Easy to use".

This beta version of Converter can auto generate a menu based on a VOB file input. So all you folks who are creating home DVD's with other applications can take those file and convert them to DivX with menus. We're working to enable menus in other file formats for the full release, but thought friends at DivX Labs might want to play with an early version.

To create a menu:

* Drop a VOB file or VOB chain onto Converter.
* Click on the "View List" window from the main Converter window.
* Click the "Modify" button.
* Select "Menu" from the tab.
* Check the "Include Menu" tab.
* Fill in the title that you want for your menu.
* Select the box art that you'd like to display in the "Title Menu Image" selection prompt. Box art will be resized to 350 pixels tall by 310 pixels wide.
* To create the chapters points, select "Automatically create scene points based on source" to use information in the VOB chain, or fill in values for the time interval in "Create scene points every X minutes Y seconds" dialog.
* Click OK.
* On the subsequent "View List" dialog, make sure that "Combine videos into a single DivX file and include menu is UNCHECKED. We'll fix this UI discrepancy for the final release.
* Close the "View List" dialog by selection the red close X on the top right hand corner.
* For advanced users: If you don't like the default menu background, you can change out the background file at C:Program FilesDivXDivX ConverterImagesmenu-background.bmp.

Download: DivX Converter 6.5 Beta
Link: DivX Labs Announcement

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