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Donald Trump wants to 'close the internet' in terror hotspots, would enlist Bill Gates to help

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump, known to many as the host of The Apprentice, has recently picked up quite a bit of notoriety as the leading Republican presidential candidate with his many inflammatory remarks. At a recent rally, he tried to further elaborate his foreign policy, and expounded on his plans to combat ISIS/Daesh's overarching presence on social media.

The real estate mogul shared his fears of Americans being lured to terrorism via the internet and expressed his intent to 'close up' the internet in 'certain areas' as a possible deterrent to the spread of radical ideologies.

[The United States is] losing a lot of people because of the internet, and we have to do something,

"Freedom of speech," you say? Here's Trump's response:

Oh somebody will say 'freedom of speech! freedom of speech! These are foolish people. We have a lot of foolish people.

Blissfully oblivious to the impossibility of such an undertaking, Trump would also like to follow up on his plan by enlisting the help of the likes of former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, people who "really understand what's happening."

Jeff Bezos, one of such people, proposed a novel solution on Twitter:

That's right, sending Trump to space. Ironically, without the help of advanced technologies enabled through the use of the internet, the rocket transporting Trump to the final frontier would probably come tumbling down in a blaze of glory, possibly forming a huge 'Trump' logo in the trail of smoke it leaves behind.

Source: Gasp! Hollywood via TechRadar

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