Doom3 for Xbox first, Quake4 only on Xbox?

Saw this over on Warp2Search and it certainly raised an eyebrow when I read it... So I'll stick it on the main page for now.

It looks like in this months print issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) is reporting the following...

    Much of Microsoft's first-party Xbox plans remain under wraps...

                                         Other news on the Xbox front, id

    Software's hotly anticipated Doom III may lead on the system

    with the PC version following later (kinda like Halo did). Additionally,

    Microsoft is try to sew up rights that'd make Quake IV an Xbox


News on this is in short supply, but no doubt news will surface during the E3 Expo, which is scheduled for Los Angeles, 21st-24th May 2002.

News source: Electronic Gaming Monthly

View: Actual scan of EGM magazine, showing the text above, (Thanks go to Warp2Search)

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