Download: Visual Studio CTP 4

Microsoft has announced that they have released the Visual Studio '14' CTP 4 for download. If you have been following along recently, you will know that the Visual Studio team has been releasing updates at an extremely fast pace, so quickly, in fact, you may have missed the last release that came out in August.

Listed below are some of the new features but if you want to get your downloaded started now, head to the bottom of the post for direct download links.

ASP.NET vNext tooling features

  • Visual Studio now uses a design-time host to speed up Visual Studio build scenarios for ASP.NET vNext projects. The design-time host builds the project in memory any time a change occurs. Therefore, Visual Studio build will simply return what the design-time host has already done.
  • Visual Studio now supports NuGet Package Manager and console for ASP.NET vNext projects.
  • The ASP.NET vNext project template now supports modern project layout. It creates a project folder under \src. The ASP.NET vNext web project template also puts static contents under the wwwroot folder that is determined by the webroot element of project.json.
  • The ASP.NET vNext Web Application template uses default target frameworks as "aspnet50" and "aspnetcore50" now, instead of "net451" and "k10". The Startup.cs IBuilder parameter is renamed toIApplicationBuilder due to the run time change.
  • ASP.NET vNext project templates put a gloal.json file in the same level as the solution file, to provide for better support for project-to-project references.
  • Visual Studio now supports debugging for ASP.NET vNext Unit tests.
  • The ASP.NET vNext project References node now reflects project.json file dependency changes immediately.

ASP.NET vNext Runtime updates

  • Visual Studio "14" CTP 4 includes alpha4 runtime packages for ASP.NET vNext


  • This update of the .NET Framework includes a new version of the 64-bit JIT compiler that provides significant performance improvements over the legacy 64-bit JIT compiler. Although care was taken to make the transition to the new compiler as transparent as possible, changes in behavior are possible. See the additional information in the “Known Issues” section for potential issues that you may encounter and actions that you can take regarding the JIT compiler.

XAML Experiences

  • Peek definition is now supported in the XAML Editor. You can use the Peek Definition command to view and edit code without having to switch your context or the document you are currently editing. This is available for all XAML Platforms

As with any pre-release software, you should avoid installing it on a production machine and it should be limited to testing purposes only. While this may be a later-stage release, it could still have bugs that could cause unwanted side-effects in a production environment.

Download: Visual Stuido CTP 4 ISO | Web

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