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Dropbox launches free Dropquest 2011 contest

Popular online file storage provider Dropbox has revealed a new contest which gives Dropbox users the ability to win a number of free prizes.

In what appears to be a clever marketing ploy, Dropbox launched the first Dropquest event earlier in the week. Dropquest is a multi-step scavenger hunt which Dropbox claims will test your "wits and knowledge". While a Dropbox account is required to enter the contest, anyone can enter provided you have a Dropbox account or are willing to create one.

Users who enter the contest are asked a number of general knowledge questions, and will face a myriad of puzzles and challenges in the race to see who can complete the scavenger hunt first. Once an answer is worked out, competitors are encouraged to hunt around Dropbox' forums or website to find the next question which needs to be answered.

For those struggling to discover an answer to one of the questions, Dropbox staff have assured competitors that they can turn to friends or family to find an answer without putting their prize at risk.

Prizes include additional free storage space for your Dropbox account, a number of limited edition Dropbox hoodies and T-shirts, as well as a signed Dropbox drawing, with the competition expected to last for around two more weeks. Dropbox says there'll also be a number of "secret" prizes thrown into the competition over the next two weeks.

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