Rumour: iPad 2, iPhone 5 and next-gen Apple TV details [Update]

Engadget today released a slew of new details regarding the future of Apple's iOS devices, as well as a hint at the possibility of a new range of dual GSM/CDMA gadgets.

Following Tuesday's announcement of the Verizon iPhone, the tech community has been eager to see whether or not Apple will be releasing a CDMA iPad to go alongside it. Rumours say that not only will we be seeing a Verizon iPad, but it will feature a new GSM/CDMA chip that will eventually find its way into the fifth-generation iPhone. To achieve this, Apple are severing ties with long-standing chip supplier Infineon and instead using a Qualcomm offering which, unfortunately, doesn't appear to offer any 4G connectivity.

Along with CDMA, the second iPad will feature a higher-resolution display, an SD card slot, and both front and rear cameras. Arriving in April, the device will still be lacking in full-size USB, but so far Apple seems to have been trying hard to position the iPad as an in-between product so the missing feature shouldn't be a huge surprise to anyone.

Both the iPad and the iPhone will receive redesigns, as well as a new Apple A5 chip based on ARM's Cortex A9. The Apple A5 will be a multi-core chip capable of seamless playback of 1080p video. This capability will be put to good use inside the new Apple TV, where Apple will finally be making the jump to modern times in the home entertainment business.

Update: Based on higher-resolution elements found in iBooks 1.1 by @Xuzz, it appears Apple intend to double the resolution of the iPad screen in a similar way to the iPhone 4, bringing the resolution up to 2048x1536 (or 260 DPI)

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