Dude! You're getting DSL!

Dell Computer has begun selling broadband services from the top two U.S. providers of DSL (digital subscriber line) Internet access, the company will announce on Tuesday.

The PC reseller is offering various high-speed Internet access plans from SBC Communications, the leader in U.S. sales of DSL services, and from second-place rival Verizon Communications, said Kurt Kirsch, director of home sales at Dell. The broadband services are being sold directly to Dell customers who buy new PCs, he said.

In addition, the PC company is reselling Web subscriptions offered by BellSouth, the third-biggest U.S. DSL provider.

Dell will join computer makers Gateway and Compaq in reselling high-speed Web services directly to customers.

"More and more computer buyers see DSL as a necessary service," said Verizon spokeswoman Briana Gowing.

Dell is the first PC company to resell DSL service from the top two U.S. providers simultaneously, she added

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News source: C|Net

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