Duke Nukem Forever is Still On?

This fall under the "yeah, whatever..." category. 3DRealms is looking for a 3D character animator to work on Duke Nukem Forever. Yes, Duke Nukem Forever. You'd think they would at least show a screenshot at the E3. Maybe they're pulling a Valve on us; who knows...

We're looking for amazing character animators for Duke Nukem Forever. We don't care if you work at Pixar, or if you are fresh out of school. We're just looking for exceptional talent, and we're willing to reward it. You will have access to a truly cutting edge 3D engine, in which to make your creations come to life. You will be part of a small, focused team and you will be responsible for a lot of animation duties. You will be able to animate the slimiest of alien bastards, as well as the sweetest of Earth females. You will not just be animator #11, at a sweat shop. You will be a material contributor and you will have a lot of fun, freedom and control.
News source: Actiontrip.com

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