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E3 2012: The big game banners are going up

As we mentioned in an earlier story, the Entertainment Software Association, the people who run E3, discourage the press from taking pictures inside the Los Angeles Convention Center before E3 begins while the exhibits are still under construction. However, it's pretty fair game to take pictures of all the banners that are in place outside the convention center that anyone who drives or walks by can see with their own eyes. We got a little bit of exercise doing just that today.

The side of the figueroa hotel, about a block away from the convention center, is the setting for a painted banner for Bethesda Softworks' upcoming fantasy MMO The Elder Scrolls Online. In fact, the banner wasn't quite finished yet when we took our picture of it earlier today.

The Luxe Hotel across the street has a big banner promoting Gearbox Software's upcoming first person shooter-RPG hybrid Borderlands 2 for all to see.

The biggest banner by far was for Assassin's Creed 3. Ubisoft's stealth action game sequel has a banner draped across about a quarter of the Convention Center's front face.

One interesting thing we saw was that Qualcomm is setting up an outside exhibit that is apparently promoting their Snapdragon processor. Perhaps we will get to see a Windows 8 ARM (WindowsRT) tablet running on Snapdragon at this exhibit.

You can check out pictures of some of the other E3 2012 outside game banners in the gallery below.

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