EA announce fitness game for the Wii

Electronic Arts' EA Sports division has today unveiled a new fitness game for the Nintendo Wii. Titled "EA Sports Active", the game is expected to hit store shelves in March 2009 for $60.

In a fact sheet about the game, EA say that players will use leg straps to attach the nunchuck to their leg and will hold the Wii controller, allowing the game to track both upper and lower body movement.

The title looks to take advantage of the popularity of fitness games on the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo's first party title, Wii Fit, has proved to be extremely popular, selling over 8.76 million copies Worldwide as of September 2008.

However the game does not aim to compete with Nintendo's Wii Fit according to Peter Moore, president of EA Sports and a former physical education teacher, who said, "Wii Fit -- it's not really a western style philosophy of cardiovascular exercise. You've got more of a classic eastern style of balance and coordination".

The game will feature a variety of activities that target the upper body and lower body, as well as cardiovascular fitness. EA Sports Active will include a "30 Day Challenge" mode, where the game will track the player's progress over 30 days of 20 minute workouts, with each day's workout being different from the last.

EA are planning to include two leg straps, a resistance band and a book on health. The game will also support the Wii Balance Board, offering additional exercises if connected.

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