EA gives away four Sony Xperia Play mobile games

Sony's Xperia Play is one of the very few mobile platforms that's been designed specifically for mobile gaming, thanks mostly to its slide-out gameplay control panel. Sony has been trying to offer gamers some exclusive games for the device, including the Android-version of Minecraft which until just recently could only be purchased and downloaded via the Xperia Play. Now Electronic Arts is offering owners of the phone a chance to download four full games for free.

The Xperia Play web site has the details of the EA game giveaway, which include the mobile versions of two of EA's Need For Speed games; the sim oriented Need For Speed Shift and the arcade racing game Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. Also being given out is the mobile version of the first person shooter Battlefield Bad Company 2. Finally if you want to get some scary thrills while playing on your Xperia Play, EA is offering a free copy of its mobile version of the third person survival horror sci-fi game Dead Space. You have some time to get the games; the free giveaway won't expire until January 15, 2012.

The Xperia Play was first sold in Europe a number of months ago and finally came to the US via Verizon Wireless in May. In September the same phone started selling on AT&T's wireless phone network. Sony has already announced that the Xperia Play, which currently runs the Android 2.3 operating system, will receive the big Android 4.0 update at some point.

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