Edge Canary gets option to close tabs using double click

The latest Microsoft Edge Canary update has quietly introduced one of the most requested accessibility features: double-click to close a tab. It is one of the long-standing capabilities users have asked for more than 113 weeks. After a long wait, the feature is finally available, albeit currently only in the Canary channel.

The option to close a tab with a double click is available in the accessibility settings. It is disabled by default, so you need to navigate to Edge Settings > Accessibility and turn on the "Use double-click to close browser tabs" option. After that, double-click a tab with the left mouse button to close it.

Microsoft Edge Canary Settings showing the double-click to close a tab feature

It is also worth mentioning that Edge users can close a webpage using a middle button (wheel click) or the Ctrl + W shortcut, but some users argue that double-click is a more convenient option. Whatever is your preference, Edge Canary now lets you choose between the two.

As with other changes in the Canary channel, double-click to close a tab is available for a limited number of Insiders. Microsoft is testing the waters before expanding the feature to more users in other channels, so your browser might take a few days or weeks to receive the double-click to close a tab feature.

Source: Leopeva64-2 on Reddit

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