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Eidos Announces Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Game

So, did you like Tomb Raider: Legend? Liked the graphics engine they used, thought it looked pretty good, and the gameplay mechanics and overall design of the game were actually pretty decent? Ever wondered what the original Tomb Raider game would be like on a current gen graphics engine? Ever thought how awesome it would be to play that T-Rex sequence from the original game on that current gen graphics engine? Well think of it no more, as Eidos has announced that in 2007 gamers on the PC, PS2 and PSP will be able to play a remake of the original Tomb Raider game that uses some of the great moments from that game, some of the same storyline as well - and plop it down on the Tomb Raider: Legend engine in all its next-gen goodness.

So let us be clear here. This is a brand new game here, not just a total remake of the original game. Eidos will use all those great key moments from the original game such as that awesome T-Rex chase and re-imagine it on the Legend engine. Does that mean some of the content from the original game won't make it into the 10th anniversary edition? Who knows. I just know that this is actually a pretty good idea. Alot of gamers (myself included) believe that Tomb Raider 1 and 2 were the best in the series (barring Legend of course) and to "remake" it so to speak on the new Legend engine, is a great idea especially if moments like the T-Rex chase are faithfully done.

Hopefully Eidos won't rest on it's heels on this one, and let Crystal Dynamics craft another classic in the series that has lived now for 10 years and has been a cultural phenomenon. Oh and anyone notice that since this game won't be coming out until Spring 2007 that the franchise will actually be 11 years old? Funny. Some people are complaining already that the game won't be on next gen systems such as the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Well rest assured sometime in 2008 next gen gamers and PC gamers will get the next game in the series after Legend.

Check out the screenshot that was released as well, it doesn't exactly show off anything major, but it does look pretty nice.

View: Eidos Press Release @ Yahoo Biz
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