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Electronic Arts suspends 'Majestic'

Update : Following on from a post I made a week or two ago, I found the following story on msnbc.

LOS ANGELES, Sept 12 — The publisher of the online role-playing game "Majestic," an interactive thriller involving murder and corporate intrigue, said on Wednesday it suspended the popular game after Tuesday's attacks on landmarks in New York and the Pentagon.

A SPOKESMAN for leading video game publisher Electronic Arts Inc. said that the company suspended the game and that executives would decide later whether to reactivate the game for its tens of thousands of online players.

Majestic, considered by many to be a ground-breaking game because of the way it draws players into the unraveling of a tangled conspiracy, launched early last month and has been supported by television and radio advertising.

After registering, the game calls, e-mails, faxes and instant-messages players with clues, suggestions, and in some cases, screaming or frantic communications from characters in the story played by actors.

News source: msnbc.com

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