Evernote latest to be hacked, passwords reset

Popular note taking app, Evernote, has announced that they've been hacked. The breach let hackers access email addresses, encrypted passwords and usernames of all Evernote users. Evernote does go onto stress that no data was "accessed, changed, or lost," and no payment information for the Evernote Premium or Evernote Business was lost.

Evernote advises users to change they password as a "precaution," however the passwords that were stolen were protected with one-way encryption. Evernote describes their password defences as "robust" but advises users to create a new password anyway. 

In their blog post, Evernote goes on to give their users tips on creating a new password. Evernote CEO, Phil Libin, describes Evernote's current performance as "choppy", but stresses there is "no threat to user data that we’re aware of." TechCrunch reports that Evernote became aware of the hack on February 28th, which "warranted a deeper look." On the discovery of the hack, Evernote reset all user passwords. 

Evernote is a well funded startup, with large technical talent so a breach of this scale would require a some skill. Whether this breach is linked to those of Apple, Microsoft or Facebook is still unknown. 

Evernote stressed that any worried user should contact Evernote Support with any queries. 

Source: Evernote Blog, TechCrunch Image via Evernote

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