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EverQuest II begins its retail sojourn

North American retailers first to receive Sony's PC MMORPG; Standard and Collector's Editions should start arriving in stores tomorrow.

Sony today announced that the sequel to the long-standing massively multiplayer online role-playing game EverQuest has shipped to North American stores. EverQuest II expands on its predecessor, challenging gamers to cooperate online to defeat foes and undertake quests through the fictional (although all-too real for some) world of Norrath.

EverQuest II should have no shortage of players for its launch, as the game has already received more than 100,000 preorders. The game just ended its beta period Friday, and at least one representative extended his gratitude to participants with help finding bugs and refining the gameplay. In addition to graphical enhancements, EverQuest II will have 1,700 voice actors--including celebrities Christopher Lee and Heather Graham--who will recite more than 70,000 lines of dialogue. To make characters more lifelike, they will age and be able to have families. Another realistic touch is weather and day/night cycles, which can have positive or negative effects on characters, depending on their class or face.

News source: GameSpot

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