Exclusive: Microsoft's Mouse, A Bit Starcked?

Back on a sunny day in July at Redmond, WA - Microsoft announced the killer combo of Philippe Starck's unique design combined with Microsoft's unique ability of trendsetting.

The Microsoft Optical Mouse by S+ARCK was dubbed "a sleek shape and shimmering finish" by Microsoft's PR people. Three months on and it's a wet day in October and my how the shimmering finish has changed. Avid Neowin reader known by his nickname Zhivago posted a thread to our community forums complaining at the current state of his S+ARCK mouse. The results of 3 months use are very concerning.

The mouse looks like a cigarette lighter more than a sleek shaped, hemisphere designed and smoothly formed mouse. Many Neowin readers quickly replied to the thread to backup Zhivago's problems with the "sleek" mouse. One reader agreed "same here, now the back of my mouse is black" and another "the cord on mine is fraying as it goes into the mouse".

As the mouse is only 3 months old this is surely a problem for Microsoft. We contacted the software giant regarding the issues and we've not received a response yet. A quick browse on the Microsoft Mouse Site shows that the mouse isn't even listed anymore. However, Amazon is still selling the devices at a price cut.

As soon as we hear something we'll keep you updated but for now check out the badly scarred mouse below.

Screenshot: S+ARCK From Above

Screenshot: S+ARCK From Side

Screenshot: S+ARCK From Side #2

View: Neowin S+ARCK Mouse Review

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