Facebook catches up to MySpace in U.S. unique visitors

It looks like Facebook could soon dethrone MySpace in the number of unique visitors, because according to TechCrunch, Facebook has caught up to MySpace in terms of the number of unique visitors each site receives.

Data released by comScore shows that Facebook passed MySpace by 0.023 million visitors. Facebook received 70.278 million unique visitors, and MySpace 70.255 million, even though Facebook passed MySpace on a worldwide basis last year. The chart shown below, shows the number of unique vistors for Facebook increasing, while the number of unique visitors for MySpace remaining flat or falling.

MySpace has been in trouble lately. Another TechCrunch article shows that the number of pageviews it has received has been declining. Even with a new CEO, MySpace lost about 700,000 unique visitors.

Last Saturday Facebook launched a "vanity URLs" feature, allowing the user to change their profile URL into a more user friendly one. Just 15 minutes after the launch, a half million people had signed up for this feature, and now about 6 million users have signed up for the feature.

Recently, MySpace launched a site wide IM toolbar, however, that doesn't appear to be helping them in terms of the unique visitors the site receives.

The make matters worse, MySpace will receive its last payment from Google next year. After that, they're on their own. With page views decreasing, it's possible that the site will be unprofitable a year from now considering it costs half a billion dollars a year to run.

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