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Facebook's "Gmail Killer" Project Titan unofficially unveiled

Hours ago, Facebook flicked the switch on another redesign of its home page. It was a pretty significant change when compared to their previous redesigns, though it seems that it was just the tip of the iceberg – as TechCrunch reported, the social networking company is rumored to be currently developing a fully featured webmail service, dubbed Project Titan.

Project Titan is said to be not only a webmail service, but also a complete rewrite of the current messaging service which the company uses. A few people have expressed complaints about their current messaging service, believing that it is too slow and frustrating to access when almost everybody uses email nowadays (you can receive emails when you get Facebook messages, but you still have to go through the site to interact with people). The company aims to make their social network the best possible experience it can be, for various obvious reasons, and this improvement will be extremely welcome.

Project Titan, while being a webmail service featured on Facebook, will have a few additions to make it much more accessible to those who use messaging regularly. First of all, you'll get your own email address; it'll be your vanity name (the one you chose for your Facebook.com/username address) at Facebook.com. Project Titan will also provide POP and IMAP support for the addresses, meaning that you'll be able to add the account to various third party services, and even mobile devices, should you desire to. In short, it'll be exactly like a regular email address, except it'll go through Facebook.

Project Titan is said to be called a "Gmail killer" unofficially, which may be a pretty bold statement, though you can be sure that if the rumors are true, the project certainly won't be unpopular. Hopefully the company will have some official news on this soon, though it'll most likely be a few months away yet.

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