Facebook's IPO road show hits the Big Apple

Facebook's leaders, including its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, started their IPO "road show" Monday in New York City. The company, which is expected to start selling some of its stock publicly later this May, had already released a video version of its road show presentation but today, The Wall Street Journal reports that Zuckerberg made an in person appearance today in the Big Apple in front of over 500 high powered and possible Facebook investors.

The one hour presentation began by repeating the video that was already released on the Internet. After that was over, the Facebook team took just six questions from the audience; the Q&A was delayed thanks to a bathroom visit by Zuckerberg.

Not much else was revealed in the session. When asked if he would still pay $1 billion for the photo sharing app Instagram, Zuckerberg did say, "I'd do it again." Other topics included Facebook's possible future in China and any plans the company has to increase revenue from its mobile app products.

The road show continues on Tuesday in Boston and then continues in Chicago, Denver and Menlo Park, California for the next couple of weeks. Facebook's IPO launch could launch as soon as May 18th, if some reports are correct.

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