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Fake Apple apps hit Google Play

Good news, Apple fans! You can now use your favorite Apple apps on your Android device. Or not.

Here’s the dirt: according to Android Authority, earlier today, Apple’s complete app portfolio made an appearance on Google Play, including the likes of Garage Band, iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. Unfortunately, it was - of course - too good to be true. The apps got near-universally bad reviews; one user eloquently summarised his opinion of the $4.99 iPhoto app:

Wont open says not connected to internet when i am

Now, you can place the blame for buying one of these apps solely on the users, but it’s still troubling that such blatantly fake apps slip into the Google Play store. There have been a couple of instances where Apple’s ‘walled garden’ has failed them, but it’s rare indeed to catch something so blatant on the App Store. And while Google did get the apps taken down within a few hours, the damage was already done by then.

We’re pretty sure that the fact that so many Android users jumped at the chance to buy Apple apps says something, too.

Source and image: Android Authority

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