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Fallout 76 is getting private servers with full gameplay customizability

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Bethesda is soon letting Fallout 76 players host their own version of Appalachia for creating worlds without any of the adventure mode's restrictions. Named Fallout Worlds, this long-awaited venture is split into two modes, Public and Custom Worlds, where the former are hand-crafted landscapes from the studio, while the latter are solely player creations.

Custom World hosts are able to tweak a healthy number of rules the game normally has to offer, such as removing the C.A.M.P placement restrictions, change how the survival and PVP mechanics work, or even remove the need for electricity for making a solely building-focused server with a higher height limit. It is also possible to change creature spawns, control the weather, and change physics rules. Bethesda says additional customization options will arrive later.

"Whether you’re craving your own immersive roleplaying server, impressive personal fortress, wacky platforming level or whatever else your imagination conjures, we can’t wait to see what the Fallout 76 community brings to Fallout Worlds," the studio adds regarding the feature.

Fallout 76 custom servers Fallout Worlds

Only subscribers to the Fallout 1st service will be able to host Custom Worlds, but joining an already situated server via an invite will not require an active subscription. Progress in these worlds will be kept separate from the main Adventure mode, though cloning an Adventure character over to a Fallout Worlds server is possible.

Meanwhile, Public Worlds are open to all. These will rotate in and out as needed, offering various combinations of game rules and themed events made by Bethesda for anyone to jump in and try out.

Fallout Worlds is officially reaching Fallout 76 in its September update, but Public Test Servers have received the feature already for anyone looking to try it out a little early. See here for the
PTS changelog

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