Fast Company shuts down website following recent hack which sent obscene iOS notifications

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In the earlier hours of today, iPhone users received some obscene notifications attributed to Fast Company through Apple News. The firm has now confirmed that its website was hack, and as a result, it has shut down its site until further notice. If you try to access right now, you will be greeted by a 404 error.

For obvious reasons, we will not quote the racist content sent through Apple News push notifications, but we will highlight that there were two vile notifications sent out within the space of a minute. Fast Company confirmed today that its Content Management System (CMS) was hacked on Tuesday and that it may be related to a similar hack on Sunday which resulted in its website being defaced:

In case you're wondering how a Fast Company hack resulted in problematic notifications being sent through Apple News, that is because many news publishers use Apple's service to push their content to subscribers. The hack resulted in these publishing tools and authorization being compromised too, but only on Fast Company's side.

The Apple News Twitter account has stated that it has disabled Fast Company's channel too, and one can assume that this will remain the case until the firm regains full control over its systems.

Via: Reuters

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