Firefox 70 brings protections for Facebook cross-site tracking, more privacy features

Mozilla recently released version 70 of its Firefox browser, and today, the company published the full list of changes included in the latest release. As you'd expect from Mozilla, the updates focus mostly on privacy enhancements, starting with improvements to the built-in Enhanced Tracking Protection that now blocks cross-site tracking from social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Firefox 70 also lets you see more information about the trackers that have been blocked by clicking the shield icon next to the address bar. There, you can see all the trackers that have been blocked on the current page, and you can also find an option to see a weekly Privacy Protections report. This will open a page telling you how many trackers have been blocked during your time online in the past week, and categorize those trackers in categories such as social media tracking, fingerprinters, and more.

From this Privacy Protections page, you can also access Firefox Monitor and Lockwise. Monitor, as you may recall, keeps track of known data breaches to see if your login details may have been compromised. Now, Firefox Monitor can send you breach alerts when they happen and prompt you to change your password right away.

Firefox Lockwise, Mozilla's password manager, is also now integrated directly into the Firefox browser, letting you create, edit, and delete login details to sync across all your devices. It can also generate strong passwords for you and automatically save them to Lockwise.

In addition to these improved privacy features, Firefox 70 comes with a handful of other improvements. It's now possible to import browsing data from Chrome on macOS, WebRender is now more broadly available for Windows users, there's a new standalone account menu, and built-in Firefox pages should now follow the systems setting for dark mode. For more details, and to see what's new for developers, you'll want to see the changelog here. You can also read more about the privacy enhancements in this blog post.

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