Fitbit stops sales of Force wristband and issues recall after skin rash reports

One of the largest vendors of fitness wristbands has announced a major recall of its most recent device. Fitbit has announced that it has stopped selling the Force band and is asking current owners to voluntarily turn their units in after receiving reports from some users that it causes skin rashes.

While the Force recall has yet to be mentioned on the Fitbit website or via its many social media accounts, the company did offer statements to the media such as Engadget. It says that after it started receiving the first reports about the Force causing skin irritation, Fitbit worked with an "independent labs and medical experts" on an internal investigation. Fitbit claims that the reports are likely from a small amount of users who might be experiencing an allergic reaction to the materials in the Force wristband.

In addition to stopping sales of the product and issuing a recall, Fitbit says it will give any owners a full refund direct from the company. It added, "We are working on our next-generation tracker and will announce news about it soon." That makes it sound like there will be no re-release of the Force band, which first went on sale in October; the company is still selling its Flex fitness band product.

Source: Engadget | Image via Fitbit

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