Former MPAA vice president turns against SOPA

SOPA was never too popular among the greater internet community. That much you could have been told by absolutely anyone, for the evidence was everywhere. A day without SOPA being mentioned on the Reddit front page never happened,  and there was absolutely no love for it coming from anyone other than those backing it.

How many SOPA backers liked the controversial bill, though? The question has to be raised, since one of their main technology chiefs has turned against it. This time last month, Paul Brigner was a senior vice president at the oh-so-popular-MPAA was backing the Stop Online Piracy Act. He has now emerged as its latest critic, to the joy of absolutely everyone everywhere.

Brigner argues that the bill is not good for the internet in general, saying the following to CNET:

"I firmly believe that we should not be legislating technological mandates to protect copyright - including SOPA and Protect IP".

Brigner says his time with the MPAA helped him to realise the new laws to block websites will not be effective. He admits freely that his views evolved over the time spent observing the bill and its passage. As expected, an MPAA spokespuppet said the organization would not comment on the turn of face.

Hollywood still hasn't come to the same conclusion as Paul Brigner, believing that the measure would be advanced. Other allies of the MPAA and the SOPA bill are also remaining optimistic. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce have been able to say they will "continue to work with Congress".

Debate has been spurred on by Brigner's leaving the MPAA initially. Some people have suggested he might actually have walked out due to disagreeing with the bill. Others have said he became a turncoat due to the clear failing of the bill. Whatever his reasoning, having one of the people turn against SOPA is always encouraging, especially when they actually do feel the bill could be counterproductive.

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