Fortnite turns back on with a new map, boats, fishing, and more

The most popular battle royale game in the world is back. Following the cataclysmic black hole event that transpired recently, Fortnite Battle Royale has returned with a fresh revamp of many things, including a brand new map, leveling system, weapons, and gameplay mechanics, among others. Epic has dubbed this update Chapter 2, with seasons rebooting from scratch alongside the widespread changes.

The map boasts 13 new locations to drop into, many of which can be glimpsed on the launch trailer above. Water is now a vital element, with players being able to swim, motorboat across, and even fish for loot. There's a new focus on teamwork and supporting also, as a healing bazooka for quick bandaging and the ability to carry knocked down teammates are now things.

Other additions include hiding spots like haystacks and dumpsters for surprise initiations, as well as dynamic elements such as gas tanks and barrels scattered across the map that deliver explosive results when needed. Epic is also promising an upgraded and streamlined combat experience to top it off.

Moreover, alongside the game, the battle pass system has gone through a revamp that aims to reduce the grind and offer players additional ways to level up. Head over to Epic's dedicated Battle Pass page to get a full rundown. The patch notes for the massive update haven't been released yet, but the servers are now online and active, inviting everyone to check out the new coat of paint.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is now playable for free across Windows, macOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, as well as Android and iOS platforms.

It seems this is the season for new battle royale maps, as Respawn's own popular shooter Apex Legends replaced the original map with an ice and fire flavored one just earlier this month, three seasons into the game as opposed to Fortnite's ten.

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