FSAutoStart v1.1 Build 11

FSAutoStart, a popular utility for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator to maximize system performance, has now been released in a new version. It is a utility not just for Flight Simulator users, but for users of any application that needs as much resources your computer can offer.

FSAutoStart allows the user the ability to automatically shutdown services and programs to provide as much resources to running today's most demanding applications and games. It also provides the ability to launch selected programs before the application is launched. Lastly, it can automatically restart those programs and services previously shutdown, thus bringing the computer back to its original state. It also adds some performance enhancing options like Defragment Memory.

This software is provided as FREEWARE.

More information, screenshots, and download link can be found at:

Screenshot: Screen Shot of Program in Action

Screenshot: Screen Shot of Main Window

Download: Download

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