Game Mag Says Black Xbox 360 is Coming

I apologize in advance for the delay of this news post; Todd (LOC) is currently having technical difficulties, so he can't give you his usual take on what's happening in the gaming world. Microsoft has yet to confirm anything, so we have to keep this under the unconfirmed category, although the abundance of stories regarding a black 360 is beginning to become overwhelming. Currently, Microsoft would be perfectly happy to have you believe that the pictures all over the Internet are simply ideas that are being toyed with internally at Redmond, especially if you just bought a white version and are considering returning it.

It's been rumoured again and again, but this time, the black Xbox 360 seems to be coming, and sooner than you might expect. If I wanted to use keywords for everything Kotaku told us about what's in the latest Game Informer magazine, it would go something like: Black Xbox 360, April 2007, 120GB HDD, HDMI output and cable, no HD DVD, $479 USD. Matt Helgeson, senior editor over at Game Informer, insists they don't post fake news stories in their April magazine. So Kotaku believes it's true. Now, let's see what Engadget has confirmed with its sources. It will be dubbed the Xbox 360 Elite, will only be available in limited quantities, with new packaging. The case, controller, and Live headset will all be black. It will be sold alongside Premium and Core packs and eventually (expected late summer or fall) Elite hardware (in white plastics) will replace the Xbox Premium. Elite models run cooler than normal 360s, but they are not yet confirmed to have 65nm chips. There are no current plans to integrate WiFi (although that can always change).

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News source: Kotaku | Engadget

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