Gateway to Put Quad-core Desktops in Stores

Gateway will be one of the first PC makers to put quad-core desktops on retail shelves and has already announced deals with Best Buy, Circuit City Stores and CompUSA to sell its FX series (starting at $2,099.99) across stores in the United States. The FX Series of quad-core desktops, featuring Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processors at 2.4 GHz with a 1066MHz FSB and 8MB of L2 cache, brings to retail a platform designed for advanced graphics, gaming and digital capabilities. The deal also includes sales of Gateway's Portable Media Drive Kit ($149.99), which includes a 120GB PATA hard drive. Gateway's portable media drive kit features a custom USB cable that eliminates the need for an A/C adapter and color-coded ends that identify which end should be used for data transference or for connecting to a power source.

News source: eWeek

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