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GeoCities offers new paid services

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Web portal Yahoo on Monday introduced two paid services for its home page community GeoCities in an ongoing effort to charge for certain features throughout its site.

As previously reported, Yahoo recently told GeoCities' home page publishers it would begin charging fees for people using FTP (file transfer protocol), a popular means of publishing content on Web pages. A Yahoo executive attributed the price change to abuse by nonpaying users of FTP and remote loading, and to attempts to address costs of offering the service.

One new GeoCities feature, called GeoCities Plus, will cost $4.95 a month with a one-time $10 setup fee. The service doesn't serve ads and offers 25MB of storage, FTP access and additional bandwidth.

Additionally, Yahoo unveiled GeoCities Advantage, a package for more advanced Web publishers that includes ad-free space, more sophisticated tools, 100MB of storage and a domain name. The service will cost $19.95 a month with a $25 setup fee.

News source: C|Net

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