Gmail is currently down [Update] Online again - maybe not

If you are trying to log into your email account and are running into issues, it looks like Google's email service is currently offline at the moment with widespread outages being reported.

The service appears to be affecting other services as well as some users are reporting that Google Docs are also experiencing issues. At the moment, two hosted accounts using Google Apps are experience issues as well.

For Google, this is a relatively rare downtime for the platform that is used by millions of folks around the world. While we expect Google to fix the issue in the near future, we will be quite curious to see what fault caused Google’s massive network to collapse. 

[12:07PM] As our readers point out below in the comments below, the platform is slowly coming back online and the outage appears to lasted for about 10 minutes.

[12:13PM] It appears that the service is struggling to stay online and keeps coming back on only to get knocked off again.

[12:20PM] It looks like the service is back up once again with some stating that a recent update to Google Chrome may have caused the issue. We look forward to seeing how Google explains that a Chrome update caused the service outage. 

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