Google does away with Google+ profile requirement for Play Store reviews

Last year, Google dropped the integration between Google+ and YouTube as part of its larger plan to separate its social network from other services, and now the company has taken a similar approach for its Play Store as well.

It was recently reported by Android Police that Google might be planning to do away with the Google+ profile requirement for Play Store reviews, which has now been confirmed by the company in an email sent to TechCrunch. Users can now post reviews with just their Google account details. This will likely disable app suggestions and promoted reviews from Google+ contacts on the Play Store, in the future.

Google has been in the process of de-emphasizing Google+ as one of its core services for the last year or so, as it has already removed integration from various apps such as Hangouts, Photos and Stream as well as YouTube. Even a member of the Google Play family, Google Play Games, removed the Google+ profile requirement earlier this year.

The latest development seems to be another nail in the coffin for Google+, but it remains to be seen whether it will eventually be headed to the infamous Google Graveyard.

Source: Android Police, TechCrunch

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