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Google kills Google.cn, no longer filtering results

Ever since Google was attacked by hackers based out of China, it has been deciding on if the company should pull out of China.  As previously reported on Neowin, Google would soon announce that they were pulling out of China and today, Google has finally killed Google.cn

When you attempt to go to Google.cn you are redirected to Google.com.hk which continues to offer up results for the Chinese market, although they are uncensored results. 

Google has said that they are not closing down their entire operations in China and that they will “continue R&D work in China and also to maintain a sales presence there, though the size of the sales team will obviously be partially dependent on the ability of mainland Chinese users to access Google.com.hk.”

Google also mentioned on their blog that all the decisions based on censoring and service operations were made by executives in the United States.  This is a clear message that none of the employees in China were making the decisions; this could be a possible ploy to help protect those Google employees still in China. 

Google has effectively killed its Chinese search operations, while not directly pulling out of the country, by no longer filtering results, its only a matter of time before the Chinese government blocks Google.com.hk for good.

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