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Google launches new AI image-generation model ImageFX, brings updates to MusicFX and TextFX

ImageFX by Google

Google is launching a new generative AI tool, ImageFX, that produces images of the highest quality out of all of Google’s image-generation tools.

ImageFX is run by Imagen 2 and is Google DeepMind’s newest text-to-image model. Google DeepMind is its AI research lab, now revealing ImageFX alongside improvements to its existing MusicFX and TextFX.

The company blog post describes the latest image-generation model in the following words:

“ImageFX is a new tool in Labs that lets people create images with simple text prompts. Our early experiments in Labs highlighted how important creative exploration is to new users of generative AI tools. People often discover new ideas through testing a range of prompts and concepts as they iterate. To spur further creativity, ImageFX includes a prompt interface featuring “expressive chips” that let you quickly experiment with adjacent dimensions of your creation and ideas.”

ImageFX utilizes Google DeepMind’s SynthID which helps embed digital watermarks in the generated images. These watermarks are unnoticeable by the human ear and eyes but they can be recognized for identification.

ImageFX by Google

Google also shared improvements it made to its MusicFX, which it released last year. With this AI tool, users can now create songs up to 70 seconds long, music loops, and download and share their tunes with others.

Google is also working on better-quality audio and faster music generation and letting users test prompts with expressive chips to help produce music. It mentioned that music samples generated using these updates are preferred over the previous ones by three times.

The company elaborated on updates to its TextFX too. TextFX was also introduced last year as an experimental generative AI tool for writers, lyricists, etc. It has now enhanced the user experience and navigation within the AI model.

Google also provided a disclaimer that it has taken safety protocols to limit inappropriate content from being generated through adversarial testing, adding safety filters and technical guardrails, and investing in data safety training. Google also wrote:

“In addition, all images generated using ImageFX include IPTC metadata, giving people more information whenever they encounter our AI-generated images. We’ll continue investing in these and other techniques to improve the safety and privacy protections of our models.”

These AI tools are available in the U.S., New Zealand, Kenya, and Australia.

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