Google launches support for multiple signatures in Gmail

Google announced today a new feature for Gmail that lets you create and use multiple signatures in your email. The new capability is rolling out from today to all G Suite and personal Gmail users and will continue over the next couple of weeks.

The search giant says using multiple signatures will help you become more flexible in adding the right signature to your message, depending on a specific situation. For example, you can use a more formal signature with your contact number and position for emails meant for your team or organization. Also, you can customize signatures when communicating across languages or use different default signatures for new emails and replies.

Multiple signatures in Gmail will be available by default. To start using this feature, simply open Gmail and head over to the Settings page by tapping the gear icon and then Settings > General. Then find “Signature” and choose “Create New” to add multiple signatures. If you want to switch signatures when composing a message, just open the signature menu in the compose action toolbar.

The new feature is a nice addition to Gmail especially for people who use the email client most of the time to communicate with office mates, family members or close friends. Google has also set up a guide on how to use multiple signatures.

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