Google: No plans to merge Android with Chrome OS

Last week, Google announced that the longtime head of its Android OS division, Andy Rubin, would be leaving his post for another position in the company. His replacement was named as Sundar Pichai, who already runs the Chrome division at Google, which led to speculation that Google would eventually merge Android and Chrome, but the company now says that's not the case.

Reuters reports that during a visit to India today, Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said that the company has no plans to merge the Android OS with Chrome. Schmidt added that there could be some overlap between the two operating systems, but it's not clear just how much they would interconnect. It does seem reasonable that with Pichai now running both the Android and Chrome divisions, there will be more of an effort to put in more collaborations between the two operating systems.

While Google has had massive success with third parties selling Android-based smartphones, sales of Chromebook that use its Chrome OS have been limited. A recent report claims that only 500,000 Chromebooks have been sold in the past two years.

The same Reuters story also quotes Schmidt as saying he has no plans to leave Google, despite recent rumors to the contrary, with Schmidt stating, "Google is my home."

Source: Reuters | Image via Google

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