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Google ordered to hand over Street View data or face massive daily fines

Google in hot water again over Street View data collecting.

The camera array atop Google Street View cars become familiar around the world a few years ago.

Following a complaint from the Brazilian Institute of Computer Policy and Rights, a judge has ordered Google to hand over private data collected through its Street View program or face fines of $50,000 USD a day, that could rise to a maximum of $500,000 daily.

The complaint follows investigations into the leaking of government communications in which the Brazilian government blames the NSA for.

Google is no stranger to government retaliation of its data collecting practises. In April, Germany fined Google €145,000 ($189,230) for admitting that in 2010 Street View cars collected emails, passwords and more data from open WiFi sources in a number of European countries, including Germany, a relatively small amount compared to what Brazil has demanded. 

Google has continually denied that it is working with the NSA, or hands data to them without a court order. Google told the court the debate on data collection took place in several countries "ages ago" and as far as they're concerned, the case was now closed.

The court responded by pointing out that Edward Snowden had leaked documents which showed that Google's fiber optic cable had been allegedly hacked by the NSA. 

Even if Brazil is late to the party, one would think that's no excuse for companies not to settle their alleged wrongdoings.

Source: Tech EyeImage via Freefotouk

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