Google paying to have Android installed on TVs [Update]

Neowin has learned that Google has struck a deal with multiple vendors to include Android as part of their TVs. We have already started to see this transition as Lenovo will be including Android 4.0, with a new line of televisions that it will be launching in the coming year.

What we did not know -- until now -- is that Google is actually paying vendors to include Android. While vendors could have chosen to include Android on their own, with Google chipping in a few extra dollars for them to do so, it means that we're very likely see tons of Android television sets to be introduced in the next few days (and weeks).

While the exact pricing of what Google will pay vendors to include Android on their television sets is unknown, the additional payments will go a long way for vendors who have been seeing diminishing margins over the past few years.

An interesting side note is that if you remember when Google TV was first launched, Intel was a key partner of the project. If you take a look at where Google TV is being deployed, it's apparent that Intel no longer plays a part of Googles plan. Why this transition occured, we do not know. 

Google paying to have Android included in upcoming televisions should not come as a major surprise, but understanding that Google is attempting to motivate vendors by paying them to have its product included may make you think twice about if this is truly the platform of the future.

[Update] The Google PR team has contacted us to say that these allegations are false, our source still seems to disagree. Take it with a grain of salt, from either source.

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