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Google+ posts now in Google's social search results

Google has begun to integrate their users Google+ posts into the leading search engines social search results. According to the official Google Search blog, if you are signed into your Google account, your search results may begin to include commentaries about those links that have been shared by users that you are connected to via your Google+ account.

Google also stated that the searches will only include public based Google+ posts, so nothing that has been hidden or shared with specific users will appear for just anyone. You must also have a Google+ account for any of these posts to appear within your social searches.

Google product manager Sagar Kamdar said that "This is just the latest step in helping you find the most relevant information possible, personalized to your interests and the people you care about."

Google has given an example on how the new search option works on their blog:

Let’s say I’m logged into my Google Account, and I search on Google for [uncle zhou queens]. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this restaurant, and we’re visiting NYC soon, so we want to figure out all the best eats in town. I also happen to have Andrew Hyatt in one of my Google+ circles. Oh, and it turns out he just made a public post on his Google+ account about Uncle Zhou in Queens:

So here’s how that will show up on my results page for the query [uncle zhou queens]: 

Google said that the new update began to be roll out late last week and will appear for all users over the coming days.

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