Google redesigns Finance to make it easier to find and follow stock data

If you're in the business of investing in stocks, Google has some potentially interesting news today. The search giant is introducing a new Google Finance experience on both desktop and mobile devices, which promises to make it easier to find information on the stocks you're interested in and follow their evolution over time.

One of the big features of the new design is the ability to create stock watchlists. These allow you to group stocks from different companies using whatever criteria you prefer, and they make information about those specific companies readily available on the homepage. You can have multiple watchlists, and companies in all of them will be featured in the landing page when significant changes are happening. Additionally, Google Finance displays stock-related news, and you can also add earnings calls for the companies you follow to your Google Calendar, so you can always stay on top of what's happening.

Later this year, Google also intends to expand the watchlists feature to let users create their own portfolios. These will track information such as gains and losses for companies that users choose to add to their portfolio, plus display news related to them.

Google Finance will also try to help users understand the information they're looking at. If you come across a term like "market cap", Google can provide a definition of what a company's market capitalization represents and show whether a specific company is a small, medium, or large cap company.

The new Google Finance is available on the web through this link, or by searching for "Google Finance".

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