Google Search makes it easier to find content within videos

Google has announced a new capability for its search engine, which will help users find the information within videos on the internet a little faster. When users look up a video, especially long ones such as how-to guides or documentaries, Search will offer links to key moments within the video, rather than forcing users to watch all of it if they don't need to.

This will rely on help from content creators, which will need to add timestamps to their videos in order for them to show up in search results. The timestamps will show up alongside the title, given by the video creator, for that particular section, making it easier to get to specific parts of a guide, for instance. The feature won't actually be able to search for things written or spoken in the video itself.

Currently, the feature will only be rolling out to those using Google Search in English, and it will only work for YouTube videos that have added the timestamps in the video description. Google says it's working to help creators across the web mark up their content so it can make use of the capability, so you'll be able to find content from channels such as CBS Sports and NDTV, as they add support for the feature. Regarding a rollout in other languages and regions, Google didn't provide any timeframe for when we can expect it to happen.

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