Google to localize app ratings by country and device type

Changes to App Store ratings

In an announcement today, Google stated that it would begin localizing Android app ratings by country and device type in a bid to make them "more personalized and indicative of the experience each user can expect."

The change will be effective on phones starting November this year, so users will see ratings that are specific to their registered country. Beginning early next year, users on other devices, including tablets, Chromebooks, and Android-supported gadgets, will see ratings specific to the devices they're using.

A couple of other changes have been made to Play Console, so developers can see insightful information regarding reviews and ratings on their apps. App developers will now have access to Device Type insights, which will let them track the impact of enhanced experiences like a device-specific usability upgrade through the rating page. Reviews can now be filtered by device type.

Changes to App Store ratings

Additionally, developers can see more granular data than previously allowed and download this information in CSV format. All of these changes are currently available and can be checked by clicking here. Please note that accessing this link requires you to have a Play Console account.

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