Google to weave advertisements onto its Maps

Google has revealed how it plans to integrate its AdSense advertising platform with Google Maps. Google has not set a time frame for when the feature will be ready to go public, said Andrew Eland, a Google software developer.

Eland linked the implementation of advertisements with Google's new "Mapplets" feature, which lets Web developers display content and build applications within Google Maps. A Mapplet uses two APIs: Gadgets and Maps APIs. Mapplets can be used show content, such as a description of a building or landmark, and a specific photo and display those in a pop-up window when a push-pin graphic is passed over on Maps.

When the icon is passed over, information appears in the pop-up window. If the link is followed by a user on the Mapplet, "you receive a share of the revenue," giving Web site developers another way to make money for their sites, Eland said. Users would be able to set a limit on the number of sponsored ads on their customized map and also turn the feature off.

News source: InfoWorld

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