Half-Life 2 and more backward compatible Valve games are now Xbox One X enhanced

So far this month, Microsoft has added several Metal Gear Solid games as well as the entire Crysis trilogy to its Xbox One Backward Compatibility program. Today, the company had another announcement regarding the program, however, this time it's about enhancing already available games for the powerful Xbox One X console.

Four classic Valve titles have now been enhanced to render at higher resolutions and deliver better visuals when running on the Xbox One X. The games are: Half-Life 2 from the Orange Box collection, the standalone Portal release (Still Alive), along with Left 4 Dead, and Left 4 Dead 2.

Judging by the announcement's wording, the rest of the games included in the Orange Box - Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, and Episode Two - doesn't appear to have received any enhancements.

While not as common as adding new games, the Xbox One X enhancing treatment has been applied to 17 backward compatible games previously, which include hits such as Fallout 3, Gears of War 2 and 3, Portal 2, Red Dead Redemption, and others. The entire process is accomplished completely without touching the games' innards.

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