Half-Life 2 heads to Xbox

Congratulations Xbox holders! November 16, 2004 was the initial release of Half-Life 2, and 1 year later Half-Life 2 is being released in Xbox format. Valve and its new distribution partner, Electronic Arts, have begun shipping the Xbox version of Half-Life 2 to stores, where the first copies will go on sale Wednesday.

Brief Game Story

Like its PC sibling, the Xbox Half-Life 2 continues the adventures of hazard-suit-wearin', crowbar-totin' physicist Gordon Freeman, who saved the world from an alien invasion at the end of Half-Life. Or did he? Half-Life 2 begins several years after Half-Life's Black Mesa incident, after a mysterious enemy known as the Combine has conquered the planet and installed a human puppet government to carry out its rule. Freeman begins the game in City 17, a mysterious Eastern European metropolis serving as a giant prison for its human citizens.

News source: GameSpot

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