Halo Infinite will feature dynamic vehicle damage that affects handling

Halo Infinite screenshot showing a Warthog parked atop a hill

343 Industries revealed several details regarding Halo Infinite in a new community question and answer session. In the video, the game's lead sandbox designer Quinn DelHoyo talked about interesting concepts that are being explored in the upcoming Halo entry, including dynamic vehicle damage, grapple interactions, weapon balancing across the campaign and multiplayer, and more.

Unlike in previous Halo games where vehicles simply blow up after taking a certain amount of damage, Halo Infinite will feature a dynamic damage model that actually affects the handling. DelHoyo teased that vehicles in the game will feature a "fully-fledged damage response system" that let players shoot out wheels, areas of wings, and other elements for reducing machine effectiveness, allowing for more dynamic fights.

This was also seen in the Halo Infinite gameplay reveal from last year, where a Warthog front tire blows out after hitting an explosive Grunt.

Halo Infinite sniper rifle

The developer also confirmed that the team is working on keeping weapon balance changes in the campaign and multiplayer separate. For example, a change to the meta that requires nerfing or buffing a weapon in multiplayer won't adversely affect the campaign combat that was originally tuned for PvE play. Speaking of weapons, DelHoyo added that the team will keep adding both classic and "never before seen" weapons to the mix following the game's launch.

Moreover, it was already known that players will be able to use the new Grappleshot to hijack vehicles, but DelHoyo added that skyjacking will also be a feature. This will allow skilled players to hook into flying banshees for flashy hijacking in the sky. The Grappleshot will also let players pull weapons towards them instead of having to go and pick them up from the ground.

The complete 25-minute long video with 343 Industries' Quinn DelHoyo can be seen here. Halo Infinite is headed to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S consoles in fall 2021.

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