Halo Infinite's new Cyber Showdown event begins alongside shop price reductions

343 Industries just kicked off its second Halo Infinite Multiplayer event, Cyber Showdown, introducing a brand-new game mode to the free-to-play arena shooter plus cosmetic goodies to both earn and purchase. Speaking of purchases, the first pass of the studio's in-game shop price tweaks have gone into effect alongside the new event too.

The Cyber Showdown event lasts from now through February 1, giving Spartans two weeks to enjoy the new Attrition game mode and grab items from the new pool of themed content. Attrition builds upon the standard Slayer formula by adding revives, which kick in after the limited number of lives given to each team runs out. Now, players can bring their teammates back to life for another chance at shooting their way to victory.

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown

On the rewards side, 10 items are available to earn by completing the new event specific challenges, with goodies like neon-themed mohawk, armor effect, weapon coating, visor, and more available for free.

Meanwhile, 343 has delivered on its promise to tweak the prices of cosmetic items available in the in-game microtransactions store, cutting prices by an average of 40% from what we can gather compared to previous prices. This comes following an uproar by the Halo Infinite community regarding the cost of purchasing even the simplest items from the cash shop.

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown
New shop prices

Regarding these preliminary changes, 343 Industries' Brian Jarrard said "store/economy changes are going to happen gradually over time. The main weekly offer price reduction goes into effect this week, expect to see more changes and some specific content experiments in the weeks to come," and added that the team is listening to feedback and learning through the Season 1 experience.

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