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Happy System Administrator Day to those in the business!

Image source: Reuters

For 365 days a year, almost 24/7, the sysadmin is toiling away behind the scenes keeping all of the systems up and running, often with nothing more than duct tape and bailing wire. That all changes every year on the last Friday of July. Dubbed "Sysadmin Day," the pseudo-holiday was invented to shed light on the work IT staff does that most regular users never get to see. This year, that day falls on Friday, July 27.

From patching Linux servers at 2am to updating database schemas without impacting availability, or keeping abreast of the latest security threats to the organization, the sysadmin role can cover a multitude of different job titles.

Unfortunately, not every company recognizes today's festivities. To the sysadmins that work for companies like that, Neowin would like to take a minute and thank you for all you do to keep the lights on at your company. We know that it's a thankless job, but the Internet wouldn't work without it, so kick off your shoes, eat a slice of cake, and relax. But not too much, because you probably have some system maintenance to do this weekend.

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