Heavy Rain demo is now available on PC through Epic Games Store

Quantic Dream is working on bringing its selection of PlayStation exclusives - Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human - over to PC this year, and the studio recently revealed that demos for each game would arrive on the new platform a month before they each launch.

And right on schedule, the Heavy Rain demo has landed on the Epic Games Store, finally letting PC players have a crack at the award-winning adventure game. The free demo gives access to the first act of Heavy Rain, presenting the initial two chapters that introduce players to Norman Jayden and Scott Shelby, an FBI profiler and a private detective, respectively, that are hunting the Origami Killer.

Players will meet the remaining two playable characters in the full game, which is slated to launch exclusively on the Epic Games Store on June 24. As for PC specific enhancements, the demo, as well as the full game will feature "graphics in 4K resolution, 60 fps and Widescreen compatibility" according to the store page.

However, as of publishing this article, the PC demo seems to be giving everyone an error when trying to launch it. The studio is working on a fix right now.

UPDATE 2: The issue has been resolved and the demo is back to being available on the store.

UPDATE: According to a new tweet by the studio, it has managed to track down the issue with launching the demo, but it seems PC players will have to wait at least until 10am CEST tomorrow, May 25, to get an update on the situation. The demo has been pulled from the store for the time being.

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